The way in which your rooms are designed says a lot about your personality. Interior design is a personal expression of your style, from fabric selection to furnishings and lighting fixtures. Take the quiz to find out which style fits your lifestyle the best!

1. Your favorite piece of jewelry is…

A.     Your wedding ring.
B.     Your mother’s antique pearl necklace.
C.     You haven’t found it yet!

2. If money were no object, what kind of first class family vacation would you plan?

A.     A leisurely cruise to the Hawaiian Islands.
B.     Destination: Australia and New Zealand.
C.     A grand European Tour.

3. How many children would you like to have?

A.     2 to 3.
B.     4 or more.
C.     0 to 1.

4. What kind of books might I find on your Nook or Kindle?

A.     Romantic classics.
B.     Mystery thrillers.
C.     Biographies.

5. What breed of dog you would like to own?

A.     A Labradoodle.
B.     Humane Society or Rescue organization “special breed”.
C.     An Afghan Hound.

6. What kind of car would you like to drive?

A.     Saab.
B.     Hybrid SUV.
C.     Jaguar.

7. You won the lottery last night. This morning you…

A.     Called your broker—invested & paid off your mortgage!
B.     Donated a portion to charity, and went on a spending spree!
C.     Quit your job; bought a yacht; and took off on a world cruise.

8. What type of music do you enjoy listening to?

A.     Easy Listening.
B.     Golden oldies, Rock and Roll or Country.
C.     Classical or Jazz.

9. What type of furniture do you prefer?

A.     Classic antiques and 18th century reproductions.
B.     Flea market finds.
C.     Art Deco and contemporary.

10. If you had to chose a place to live, would it be…

A.     A red-brick Georgian on an elm lined boulevard.
B.    A Cape Cod type cottage with a white picket fence located in the country.
C.     A New York Penthouse.

A)   Timeless Traditions & Casual

  • You’re a sensitive and stable person.
  • You don’t buy on impulse.
  • Once you find a place for your furniture, it stays!
  • Quality if uppermost in all your home furnishings purchases.
  • You undoubtedly have at least one collection displayed in your home.
  • Decorating for the holidays is one of your passions.
  • You buy things because you like them.
  • You enjoy crafts—possibly knitting, crocheting, scrap-booking.
  • You are very open-minded to design ideas.

B)   Country Living & Rustic

  • You enjoy surrounding yourself with soft colors and textured fabrics.
  • Antique shopping is a passion—as well as rummaging through flea markets.
  • You are very comfortable with yourself and your surroundings.
  • You enjoy surrounding yourself with a balanced mix of upholstered and wood pieces of furniture.
  • Your home may feature an attractively arranged gallery wall covered with Treasured mementos.
  • Your personality determines if your country style has an American, French or English flavor, or is a blended mix.

C)   Trendsetters & Contemporary

  • You enjoy the latest in makeup and fashion.
  • You’re an impulsive buyer.
  • You boast a dramatic personality.
  • In design, you prefer a sharper contrast in style and color.
  • Your home might be filled with sculptures, impressionist artwork and dramatic Furniture.
  • Gourmet cooking is truly “your thing”!
  • Your home might feature a monochromatic color scheme, with one or two brightly colored accents.